A few years ago I traveled to southwest Ireland where I rode the Ring of Kerry on a kind and steady mare named "Pepsi". She had a ground covering trot so smooth you could ride all day in the rain (speaking from experience) and be very comfortable indeed. This was my first introduction to the Irish Draught horse and it has become a favorite of mine ever since.

I support this rare breed as a member of the Irish Draught Horse Society of North America and the Irish Draught Horse Society of Ireland (see links).

The Irish Draught was the typical small farmer's work horse. He (or she) plowed the fields, pulled the cart to market and provided the master with a good day hunting across the countryside when the opportunity arose. They are kind, strong horses with good bone and common sense.

Today, the Registered Irish Draught (RID) makes a great amateur horse for hunting, driving, or dressage. The Irish Draught Sport Horse, typically a RID x thoroughbred cross, is especially well suited for eventing or show jumping. My own IDSH "Skreen Star" was shown successfully in hunter classes in Ireland before his arrival here.

Our future plans at Tipperary Farm include the purchase of some pure Irish Draught mares and the development of a small breeding program, so visit this page from time to time to watch for the coming of the Irish mares!


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